Monday, December 22, 2008


I am satan

I am god

I am evil

I am power

I am you

I am me

I am good

I am we

I am Jesus

I am ghost

I am Mary

Devil’s roost

I am life

I am death

I am the tunnel

Angel’s nest

I am pain

I am pleasure

I am orgasmic

Adam’s leisure

I am light

I am dark

I am illusion

Wolf’s bark

I am weakness

I am might

I am blind

Incessant sight

I am atom

I am universe

I am ephemeral

Eternal verse

Monday, February 18, 2008

Don’t turn back

Can you look me in the eyes anymore?

Can you look in yours too for that matter?

You hurt me, broke me and more

You stabbed me till the blood wont spatter

You thought you did the right thing

But then you thought again

You pushed till I cringed

And then you tried again

I tried to look away

But you didn’t let me

I tried to trod away

You showed me we

I saw you as no one did

You saw nothing you claim

I saw you as I saw no one

Are you blind or I imagine?

No no no I not on drugs

No no no I don’t hallucinate

Oh you don’t see the crux

Oh you unsighted

You don’t really deserve me

Buddy, mate or else

Don’t turn back, dont

I’ll not be there

Ohh baby don’t turn back

I have already gone

I still love you

But on the path you had shown

Leave now

It’s a choice you made

Don’t feel bad

You should not be afraid

Don’t turn back

You’v lost the right

I can’t crack

How hard try you might

Look away

Walk away



Far away

From me n you


Oh sweetie it’ll be good

Oh baby, leave

Oh honey I’ll love you

Will that put you too sleep?

Monday, October 29, 2007

Hope the old followers of my blog stumble back.. i call this one


[Soft whisper]

Somebody inside

Somebody in there

Screams in agony

Sobs in despair

Break me shake me

But keep me alive

Wanting to be free

Drugged to die

Reasons unclear

Logic undefined

Doing the supposed

Ruing & crying


I dun wanna do this..

I dun wanna do this…

Show me the liiiiiiiiiiiiiiight……..

[Guitar Leads]

I am


For the

Tunnel to end

I am


For the roads to mend

Winding tunnel

Refuses to cease

Weak mumble

Save me please

Amble, walk, scurry

Light- low, high

Past - dead, buried

Approaching unknown whyyy?

Momma give me your hand

Momma save me from the dark.

Momma do you know the way?

Momma show me the path.

And the tunnel goes onnnn..

The light flickers

But there is no dawn

There is no daaaawn aaaah

Am waaaaiting for the tunnel to end

Am waiting for the roads to mend

Son, you deserve this. It’s a black hole, pitchblende.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Smoke pot
well my creative juices have totally dried up after joinin my new workplace.. yeah i know life sucks.. a friend found my blog today randomly n i remembered that i have one.. putting up sm stuff i wrote randomly a few months back when i had just got back into a shitty routine job.. this is called

Smoke pot

Run run run run runnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn…………


Early morning blues

Smoke in my loo

Evil pardner, fuck you

Butts in my pot

Shit smoke rot

Blithering moth

Devil’s botsssss

Stinking nostrils

Putrid cocktails

Intestinal trails

Poooooooooooot.. smoky smoky pooooooooooooot

Pottyyyyy smoke…..

Smokey pooooooooot

My turn to spread filth

Drag in, in bliss

Crazy fuckin shit

Another butt fresh

Lungs bottom crash

Out fresh air

Smokeeeey pot pottttttty smoke..

Smoke in mah pot..

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Freedom means different things to different people. For a nation it might be riddance from alien powers, for a teenager it might be staying out with friends, for a writer it might be expressing himself without the editor’s delete button working on him, for a retired person it might be traveling & seeing places which he never could. Freedom is not something you achieve by singing the national anthem twice a year. These symbolic days are important just to remind people of moments of importance in the past, but the past would remain the past. In the struggle for existence in our everyday life we generally forget the true importance and significance of freedom. Bound by all directions with our family, our work, our duties and responsibilities we forget to live in the present. We are prisoners of our past and our future, definitely not free in the moment. The sad part is that we are so because we choose to be. We choose to do what we do, so that we ‘can’ have a better future. We plan our funds so that we have a lot of dough stashed away when we retire, we don’t spend on things we want today so that we have enough for things we might or might not want tomorrow. But that’s how we have always been, that’s how we have been brought up to be. To be what we are today, bound in tensions and worries about our bills, our investments, the next installment for our house. Why are we doing this in the first place, to be happy right? And if the moments you live in don’t give you happiness what’s the purpose of this whole exercise. I am not preaching about how you should lead your life, I am definitely nobody to preach. But questioning your actions can always give you a new perspective about things. People call me a rebel because I always do what I want. Does that make me a rebel, at 3 A.M on a chilly night I feel like taking a long bike ride, and I do it. Does that make me crazy? Hell, I am just trying to be happy. If I wouldn’t have gone for the ride because I have work tomorrow, it would probably have left me grumpy not only through the night but the next day at work too. Although I might reach late at work, it’s better than a non-productive day. So similarly this concept applies to ever action of yours, if you plan each and every aspect of your life the odds will always remain equal that you might or might not screw up. Next time you have a strong urge to do something, just question yourself: is this what you want most at this moment? If the answer is yes, just go ahead and do it. All the thoughts you waste on the debate in your mind is not worth it. The happiness earned in that moment is worth more than anything else. Feel free, to be free.. works for me..

Thursday, August 02, 2007


Get rich and die

That’s your life

A rat you remain

For pennies you strive

Miss the moments

What’r they worth

Lift the goblets

Golden cups

Crappy people

Dumb psyche

Kiss their asses

Ladder high

Rat to mole

Step by step

Underground hole

Drowned in lice

Filthy gross

Pound wise

Shit lover

Full of vice

Cheater rogue

Masked crime

Moral-less material

Wingless flying

Soulless heart

Cluttered mind

Perfect mask

Toothy smile

Buried heads

Truth neigh

Neighbor’s hole

Jealous prying

Fucking rat

Gutless creep

Die a rodent

Wealthy cheap

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

found this on my flash drive, written a few months back..

Highway friends

Must be a common happening but was seeing it for the first time even though I travel a lot by road.
Had to reach pune by 12, caught a cab from vashi at 9:30. Nice jovial newspaper guy driving an indica, mungda playing on the car’s player and maiden on mine. The car jam-packed with newspapers, just space enough for another passenger on the back seat. In fact the car was so heavily loaded that we had to stop a couple of times due to some strange sound coming from the rear, finally realizing that it’s just the mudguard touching the road due to the heavily loaded dickey. We stopped for a tea n smoke after an hour’s drive, somewhere on the expressway. Nice friendly banter going on with the driver and the only other passenger. I was surprisingly cheerful considering I had just quit my job a day before and my lovely ex-girlfriend refused to meet me again. All was fine till then as we proceeded towards pune. Suddenly the driver started swerving the car crazily on the expressway, from left to right and then right to left. I was shit scared, just about managed to remove my headphones and give him a scared ‘why’ look. He just looked back coldly and swerved again. By this time I managed to mutter something, my voice drowning in a truck’s mad honks from behind. The driver finally looked at me, smiled n said “He’s a friend”. ‘Oh..!!’ I managed to mutter as both our car and the truck aligned parallel to each other. As the driver raised his hand to greet his friend the truck driver honked crazily in acknowledgment. After another minute or two of swerving, cutting lanes and honking we were off on our way after both of them ended this friendly encounter with a goodbye honk each.
How he managed to recognize the truck is beyond my understanding, cuz the way I see it all trucks look the same. But this guy definitely knew how to find his friends, after all he had been driving on this road night after night since the past 4 years.
Finally I cajoled him to take a slightly different path which would drop me near my home. Bid my new friend goodbye, wondering how different our lives were. Saw the time, 15 minutes to midnight both of us on time.

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